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Mar 28
Annual visits to the family physician or general practitioner are fundamental to our health. Regular “well” exams present opportunities for guidance on diet, exercise, and other interventions to prevent diseases or stop or slow disease progression. They are also a…
Dec 22
“My pet seems healthy. Why do I need to bring them in for a routine wellness examination?” This is a question we hear a lot at San Marco Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Our veterinarians and staff want pet parents to understand the…
Nov 17
Because cats and dogs age faster than humans do, regular preventive care is vital to ensuring that they can enjoy good health for as long as possible. Routine preventative care guidelines are designed to prevent not only avoidable diseases and…
Mar 03
The professional veterinarians at San Marco Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, have years of experience working with pets of all species, ages, and sizes. Our experts are available for regular check-ups, routine exams, shots, flea/tick treatment, and numerous other services.…

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