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A dog at the end of his life

End of Life Care and Euthanasia

Veterinarian taking care of a dog

Gentle euthanasia advice for Jacksonville pet owners

The likelihood that we will outlive our animals is a small price to pay for their companionship. The caring doctors at the San Marco Animal Hospital will guide you through end of life care, including euthanasia when appropriate. Clients in the San Marco and Jacksonville, FL area (including Avondale 32205, First Coast, Jacksonville downtown (32202 and 32207), Riverside 32204, and Springfield 32206) count on his compassionate counsel.

End of life care

Many times, dogs and cats show little evidence of discomfort. However, you can help a senior or failing pet live final days more comfortably:

  • Schedule a visit to San Marco Animal Hospital. Treatment options are explained, and your decision is fully supported.
  • Adjust diet. Soft foods or special foods for seniors can improve oral comfort and digestion.
  • Put a soft, cozy bed on the floor.
  • Consider a sweater to keep your pet warmer.
  • Put food and water within easy reach.
  • Barricade stairs.
  • Carry your pet outside to take care of business.
  • Recognize signs of suffering – panting, gasping, hiding, reluctance to eat or move, cessation in grooming, accidents, aggression, or vocalization. Your pet is simply doing his or her best to endure.

Easing suffering

Please visit San Marco Animal Hospital when you suspect that your pet is in distress. Our caring doctors talk with you about quality of life and pain management. You are not rushed into a decision to euthanize. If you come to that conclusion, it is handled with respect for your feelings and compassion for your pet.

Euthanasia is an injection of barbiturate into a vein. It acts within a few seconds, stopping cardiac function. If your pet is nervous, a mild sedative can be administered first. You may remain with your pet at the end, or leave the room while a vet tech gently assists the doctor. You have the choice of taking the deceased pet home for burial, or utilizing our cremation services.

You can depend on San Marco Animal Hospital for gentle care and respectful treatment throughout. Call our Jacksonville, FL office at 904-399-5557 for end of life and euthanasia services.

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