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In House Diagnostics for Pets

Veterinarian treating ear mite

In-house diagnostics for pets available at Jacksonville clinic

Treating illness or injury is only part of the wellness formula for pets. It takes a veterinarian with experience and a clinic with in-house technologies for accurate diagnostics, to prevent and properly analyze health problems. San Marco Animal Hospital brings these services to clients in San Marco and downtown Jacksonville, FL (32202 and 32207), as well as Riverside 32204, Avondale 32205, Springfield 32206, and First Coast.

Hi-tech instrumentation

Clear images help our doctors diagnose and plan treatment. State of the art digital x-ray equipment provides high resolution images, with low exposure to radiation for your pet. We utilize the expertise of a Board-certified radiologist for timely review of x-rays.

The same technology used for human pregnancy sonograms provides a real-time view of an entire region of the pet’s body. Benefits of ultrasound include:

  • Painless. In some cases, though, mild sedative is administered to keep the pet still.
  • Quicker and more affordable than CT or MRI.
  • Supplies a great deal of information to the veterinarian, including soft tissue masses, fluids, and foreign bodies that may be difficult to distinguish in an x-ray.
  • Can be used in combination with other diagnostics for a more complete picture of the pet’s condition.

On-site laboratory

When your pet is in distress, you are, too! Fast test results lead to accurate diagnosis, so treatment – and your peace of mind – can begin promptly. Our in-house lab is equipped to analyze:

  • Blood cell counts – CBC indicates bacterial or viral infection, anemia, dehydration, allergy, inflammation, blood poisoning, leukemia, some cancers, and many other conditions.
  • Chemistry profiles – Checking blood glucose associated with diabetes, kidney function, potassium levels, sodium, potassium, chloride, and CO-2.
  • Endocrine testing – Measuring hormone levels in the body to determine if glands are working properly.
  • Electrolytes – Checking for imbalances in salts and minerals.

We also perform microscopic evaluation of specimens, and a variety of other diagnostic tests.

In-house diagnostics for pets, expert analysis, and compassionate treatment are as close as a call to our Jacksonville office – 904-399-5557.

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