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What to expect from pet end-of-life services

Dealing with the impending loss of your pet is one of the most overwhelming things pet parents have to face. Whether your furry family member has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or is elderly, you must make every effort to minimize your pet’s pain, stress, and discomfort throughout their end-of-life experience. As the health of your pet declines, you may choose to care for them at home, under the guidance of your veterinarian, or you may feel more comfortable ending their suffering while at Dr. Venkat Gutta‘s vet office. Whichever option you choose, pet end-of-life services in Jacksonville, FL, can help make your pet’s final days dignified and peaceful. Here are some of the ways these pet services can help with your pet’s last days.

How To Find Pet End of Life Services Jacksonville FL Area

Pet Hospice and Palliative Care

Pet hospice/palliative is one option with pet end-of-life services for pets suffering from a terminal illness, and there is no available cure. The goal of hospice or palliative care is to make your pet’s final days more comfortable through the proper use of nutritional support, pain medications, and human interactions. Hospice is not a place to take your pet, but instead, it is a philosophy and personal choice based on the principle that your pet’s death is a part of life and can be dignified. Our veterinarians at San Marco Animal Hospital will teach you how to provide intensive home care that will allow your pet to be as comfortable as possible.

Considering Euthanasia

Euthanasia allows for a painless and peaceful end for pets that may otherwise continue to suffer. Your veterinarian has the experience and specialized training to provide your pet with a gentle and humane death. You can choose to euthanize at home or the veterinarian’s office. Your pet will experience no awareness of the end-of-life process, which is similar to undergoing general anesthesia and typically takes less than one minute. The medical tests and keeping an accurate record of your pet’s daily activities will help you and your veterinarian decide when the time is right to euthanize. If you notice the moments of discomfort outweigh their capacity to enjoy life, it’s time to discuss euthanasia with your veterinarian to minimize the suffering.

Along with helping with your pet’s discomfort and pain, end-of-life services also help with aftercare, including what to do with your pet’s body. Some pet owners decide to bury their pets, while others prefer cremation; your veterinarian can advise you on either option. Grieving the death of a pet can be overwhelming and stressful, and your veterinarian can talk with you about support options, such as support groups.


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