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Microchips support many happy reunions, provide peace of mind

Our clients and their “fur-children” quickly become like “family” to us, the team at San Marco Animal Hospital. It breaks our hearts to think of this extended family going through the pain and uncertainty of a “lost” pet. Fortunately, our skilled veterinarians in Jacksonville, Florida, have facilitated many happy reunions between dogs (and cats) and their human parents. Microchip tracking at our hospital provides considerable peace of mind to our clients. 

Microchip Tracking for Dogs in Jacksonville FL Area

What makes microchips tick

Collars and tags can be removed. They may fall off or break. So, these forms of identification are not fool-proof. Microchips are tiny, about the size of a grain of rice. They are painlessly and safely inserted between your pet’s shoulder blades. They are not going anywhere! Each pet is given a unique “identifier.” The chip contains this one-of-a-kind number. The chips are harmlessly scanned by us or any other rescues or organizations with the technology to do. Only the number is revealed to those who do the scanning. So, your family’s safety and privacy are supported. From there, we can use the number to identify the pet and reunite them with their worried family members! 

The many benefits

As noted, the microchipping process is fast, and your dog won’t feel anything! Since the procedure is so non-invasive (it is not a surgery), there is no need for numbing anesthetic. It is not associated with pain or discomfort. Think of it as you might any other commonplace injection. The chip is applied in a matter of seconds. So, we may recommend simply placing the chip at the time of another procedure, such as a neuter or spay, or during a routine wellness checkup. 

These chips “hold up well.” They are made from biocompatible (non-toxic and tissue-friendly) materials. They don’t pose risks to your pup and do not degrade over time. Additionally, these chips are not prone to breakage like other identifiers, which do not provide peace of mind and may require ongoing replacement. These chips remain inactive until the pet is scanned. A safe process of the scanner emitting radio waves to the chip is responsible for triggering it and ultimately transmitting the pet’s number. As noted, the safety of you and your family’s personal information is also protected. Only the microchip manufacturer can access the identifying details beyond the number. 


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Microchips really work

More than half of micro-chipped dogs in an American Veterinary Medical Association study were reunited with their families. For comparison, fewer than a quarter of non-microchipped pups had such happy reunions. Unlike cats that may be strictly “indoor,” dogs often thrive outdoors, and they are most in their “element” when frolicking. Their lifestyles increase the risk of getting loose from yards and potentially being hit by cars. The sooner that we can track pups, the less opportunity there is for something horrible to happen to them. And, while we have talked quite a bit about dogs, the stats for cats with microchips are even more dramatic; just 1.8% of non-microchipped cats were reunited. But almost 39% of microchipped cats were returned to their loving families. 

Your pet’s safety and security cannot wait. Do not delay scheduling an appointment at San Marco Animal Hospital. Call us at 904-516-9767. We are, naturally, located on San Marco Boulevard in Jacksonville.

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