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Riverside, FL (32204 area) veterinarian gives reasons and solutions to get rid of fleas

Get Rid of Fleas Riverside 32204 in the Riverside, FL area

Fleas have a way of making pets – and pet owners – miserable! They can bite and cause pets’ discomfort, resulting in itching and red skin. They can also create an infestation in a pet’s dwelling and their owner’s homes. At San Marco Animal Hospital, our veterinarian can give pet parents reason and solutions to get rid of fleas in the area of Riverside, FL 32204.

What are fleas, and why are they problematic?

These parasites feed off dogs and cats, as well as other outdoor animals, and will even feed off humans. They can cause bites and itching that can result in skin issues in both pets and humans, and they can become difficult to eradicate. These little creatures have a flexible life cycle that lasts approximately 21 days, and for survival, they are known to move from one stage to another only if the conditions are right. Environments that are warm and moist often speed up the life cycle, making it difficult for Florida area pet owners to control and get rid of fleas once they start reproducing. A single female flea can lay anywhere between 20-50 eggs a day, making it easy to infest an area with insects in a very short period.

While this life cycle progression may be interesting, it can make these parasites hard to control. Most flea medications on the market are designed to address only adult fleas but do not address pupae and eggs. This means that regular treatments are required to address a flea infestation completely.

Ways to prevent fleas

The best way to prevent fleas is to maintain flea protection medications for your pets. At San Marco Animal Hospital, we offer a variety of flea and tick treatments that can be used every month to keep fleas from becoming problematic in your house. Some pet owners may opt for a unique flea collar that can protect their pet, while others may use a medication that is applied to the back of the neck once a month to keep fleas from landing on their pet.

Ways to get rid of fleas once they have become an issue

Ways to get rid of fleas once they have become an issue in the Riverside, FL area

Addressing fleas that have already developed in your house can be a long-standing problem that can take time to resolve.

  • Protect your pet. Purchase a flea collar and spray that can be used on your pet daily to help keep fleas from biting them and causing them discomfort. Daily use can ensure progress over time.
  • Wash everything you can. From your pet’s kennel to their favorite blankets and toys, washing these items can kill fleas and eggs that may be present. For things that cannot be washed, special flea sprays can be used, and vacuuming may be beneficial.
  • Remove vacuum bags from the house. If you use your vacuum regularly to vacuum areas that cannot be washed, such as the furniture and carpets, it is crucial to put your vacuum bags immediately outside in the garbage can, as fleas can still spread even after contained.
  • Consider flea repelling plants. Sometimes, nature is the best way to combat nature. Certain plants contain oils and scents that repel fleas. This offers a natural, home remedy that can help control fleas in your home. Plants known for repelling fleas include Chrysanthemums, spearmint, and lavender.
  • Call in professionals if needed. Pest control companies have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to addressing a flea infestation in a house. If you have tried home methods and are still having a problem after a month or two, it may be time to make a call to a team that can help eradicate these pests from the home.

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