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Benefits of Spaying or Neutering Your Pet Cat or Dog

Spaying is the name of the procedure done on female pets. The earliest you can have a female spayed is two months, and they must weigh at least two pounds. It is common in animal shelters. If your pet is already home with you can wait until five or six months of age to have them spayed. That is right around the time they will go into their first “heat.”

What Are The Benefits of Pets Spaying or Neutering in Jacksonville Area

Hopefully, you will be able to have the procedure done before that happens. While cats do not bleed, they become very vocal and make quiet the racket of annoying sounds to attract males from the neighborhood, who make their own noise, fight, and make a nuisance of themselves in your yard. If your cat happens to get outside, you’re going to have a house full of kittens in about 65 days.

Female dogs do bleed, and it can make an awful mess. Female dogs also attract male dogs to the yard, and they do the same as the male cats, make lots of noise, fight, and hang out in your yard. Neither scenario is a good one, so having your dog or cat spayed is best for your pet and you.

Benefits of Neutering Your Cat or Dog

Neutering is the name of the procedure done on male pets. Just like having a female pet spayed, your dog or cat must be at least two months old, and the recommended age is five or six months before they enter their sexual maturity phase. Male dogs and cats develop behavior problems and can become unruly, aggressive, and even mean, attacking without reason. They are also more likely to “runaway” in search of a female. Having them neutered prevents all these situations.

Health Benefits of Spayed and Neutered Pets

  • Overall healthier pet
  • Longer life span
  • Population control

A pet that has been spayed or neutered is less likely to develop specific health problems such as breast cancer or prostate cancer. The risk of developing a potentially fatal infection called Pyometra (uterus infection) is eliminated for female pets. Male pets’ prostate and uterine problems are significantly reduced, including a urinary obstruction that requires emergency surgery and can be fatal.


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As pet owners, we must be responsible and do what is best for our pets, and spaying or neutering is at the top of the list.

Call 904-516-9767 to book an appointment, so your pets can live a healthier, longer life. The team at San Marco Animal Hospital has various options available for pets of Jacksonville regarding spaying or neutering. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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