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Testimonials tell the story in Jacksonville

We love to share our passion for pet care, describing services we provide and the relationships we build with animal and human clients in downtown Jacksonville (32202 and 32207), San Marco, Riverside 32204, Avondale 32205, First Coast, and Springfield 32206.

Maybe, though, you’d rather hear it directly from the source. These testimonials tell the real story of San Marco Animal Hospital’s care, from the perspective of those who have experienced it.

  • Dana Wilson

    Dana Wilson

    New to the area and am happy to have stumbled upon this clinic. They were not only welcoming but were so kind to myself and animal. They truly cared about getting to know him and myself. This is definitely my new vet!!

  • Bruce Peters

    Bruce Peters

    Excellent veterinarian, Great customer service, very knowledgeable and work with me to help me to better care for my two dogs. The San Marco Wellness Plan is an excellent program to help management my cost for my dogs. Paying a monthly fee is a great way to help manage your expenses. I am retired and on a fixed income and I can manage the cost of taking care of my canine babies.

  • D

    Darryl Kendrick

    They are awesome! The Vets and caring staff are fantastic! So thankful for each and everyone of them.

  • C

    Callen Logan

    This is the best vet I have ever been to. Dr. Gutta is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and he always makes sure I fully understand what’s goin on during my visits. The staff is so gentle and caring with my pets. They always see us, even without an appointment and have stayed late to accommodate my busy schedule. I’ll never go to another vet! Thank you again to everyone who has been involved in the care of my pets.

  • C

    Corina Putt

    I was in Jacksonville for business and brought my dog with me. I stayed at the Hyatt on the river and when asked about a quality vet in town, one of the staff members recommended San Marco vet. Everyone my dog saw at this clinic was the best. It never feels good to have to take your pet to the vet, and even more so when your in unfamiliar territory but the kindness and concern for my dog was nothing less than what she would have received at our home vet. I highly recommend them to locals and visitors alike.

  • C

    Claire Zaiser

    I’ve taken my cats to this animal hospital for many years, and I am a huge fan of both the staff and all of the doctors I’ve seen there! I saw Dr. Gutta yesterday for some serious problems I was having with a sweet little rescue cat. He was WONDERFUL. He listened carefully to everything I told him about her symptoms and history, explained what tests he needed to run in order to make a diagnosis, and then was very kind and patient in explaining what he had found (parasites, anemia, and diabetes) and exactly how I would be treating both problems at home. I highly recommend this practice!

  • Carlos Rabell

    Carlos Rabell

    It is evident that they truly care for the well-being of our pet, friendly, gentle and knowledgeable. A great experience!

  • E

    Elizabeth Watford

    I was unable to leave work, but they gave me a late appointment even though my cat Soukie had never been there before. They stayed late also to make sure she was taken care of. Everyone was very nice and treated me and Soukie with the upmost respect.

  • S

    Shelby Gregory

    I just adopted my dog Gordon and noticed he was having some issues so i knew i needed a vet soon. Looked at the reviews online for SMAH and saw good things so i called to make an appointment. They told me I was able to come in right then! Gordon clearly hasn’t been to the vet too much and it was evident that he didn’t like it, but they were very calm and treated him as sweet could be! I’m so thankful for how professional and delicately they handled him because he was really trying to get away.
    They gave him exactly what he needed and the doctor did an excellent job of informing me on what they were doing, what I needed to do, and everything that was going on with Gordon.
    I saw some comments on here about prices being too high but I thought it was well worth the money (and it wasn’t too high in my opinion).
    It is very evident they know what they are doing and they care about their job!

  • E

    Emily Bracken

    I have taken my dog here for 6 years, and also my cat, who I acquired more recently. Dr. Sri and Dr. Gutta are great. I can always trust them to take care of Jack and George and know that they truly care.

  • Xavier Smith

    Xavier Smith

    I have a beautiful, sweet, loving Red-Nose Pit, she’s been my best friend for years now and she needed to be seen. We looked around to see who would gladly take her and San Marco sounded lovely.
    My dog is people person, she loves to meet new people but because she’s a Pit she’s automatically looked down on like a criminal. They took her in with smiles and gave her some shots and flea medication with no problem at all!
    This will definitely be Hopes new permanent vet!
    And just a bonus we had the best nurse ever!
    Thank you guys so much, for everything.

  • Jami Childers

    Jami Childers

    I brought in Mr. Jesse Pinkman on a Sunday morning and they took him right back to see the Doctor. Jesse had gotten in the trash and had been throwing up for days. They took such great care of him. Great Dr. and staff.

  • S

    Susan Towler

    San Marco Animal Hospital is an outstanding animal hospital. Their veterinarians and staff are top shelf and on the cutting edge of veterinarian medicine. They are open 7 days a week which is great for busy people. They treat all my dogs with great skill and compassion.

  • H

    Hays Jacobs

    Short wait times and a friendly staff that goes out of their way to give pets as positive an experience as possible. I also appreciate how the doctors speak to you in a simplified manner without talking down to you.

  • P

    Paul Dent

    Great service, even with the flooding and not having everything put back together and missing inventory, they went out of their way and went to another location and brought back the dog food we needed. Saved us from having to go on a trip with the required food for one of our Dogs.

  • Henry McMillan

    Henry McMillan

    The war understanding at a very difficult time for me, the doctor in particular came across as genuinely sympathetic. Unfortunately I to euthanize one of my dearly loved cats. They explained the process and the reasons with with as much empathy as possible.

    A couple weeks later they followed up by sending me a very nice card, it’s surprisingly enough to contain the handwritten sentiment.

    I’m not sure if it’s standard procedure or if one of the employees there genuinely noticed the pain that I was in. But I appreciated it.

    I hope that if anyone chooses to use San Marco it’s for a happier reason than I had to.

    I feel that it would be a good choice.

  • L

    Luann Goodwyne

    The staff of San Marco Animal Hospital are great. I would not hesitate to return there. I live about 30 minutes away, and have a local vet, but when I needed help on a Sunday afternoon they responded and exceeded my expectations. I’m glad to know they are there!

  • E

    Elaine Mojica

    I drive across town to come here. Dr. Qualls is wonderful even though my mixed breed canine doesn’t do well with men. They are open all week long and have walk in hours for last minute ordeals. Super glad I found this office!

  • Terry Burns

    Terry Burns

    This vets office is the best we have ever used. In 30 years of owning animals, I have never had a more thorough check or a more caring Dr. The staff is extraordinary. If you need vet care, this is the place to come!

  • C

    Christy Hudson

    We had a stray cat ( Mister Mister) that we have been feeding at our work who became very sick and was suffering, I called a different vet office and they wanted to charge $140.00 to put Mister Mister to sleep. We could not afford to do that, So I called San Marco Animal Hospital and the nurse who answered the phone told me to bring him up there and they would take care of him. I brought Mister Mister there and the lady (wish I would have gotten her name) was extremely nice and looked him over and let me know that it was his time and they would take care of him. This has got to be the BEST ANIMAL HOSPITAL! Thank you so much for being so caring and loving to our Mister Mister. You are Angels on Earth! Please let the Dr. know how much it meant to all of us here for allowing us to bring him there and to know that he was taken care of by such wonderful people. You all ROCK!!!

  • Liz Ohrablo

    Liz Ohrablo

    San Marco Animal Hospital has been nothing but amazing with my cat! As a new cat owner, they’ve been excellent at helping me understand any illness or injury, showing me how to give medication, etc. All of the staff and doctors are so good and attentive to my cat. Best vet I’ve visited in Jax!

  • K

    Kathryn H

    Friendly, clean, and efficient! The doctors and staff are very attentive and empathetic; they always make me feel like my pets are their first priority.

  • J

    Jennifer Orem

    I drove all the way from Orange Park to bring my cat here, and I was not disappointed! The doctor, techs and other staff were very kind and informative. They were able to figure out exactly what was wrong with my cat and even found something very small that I missed that could have become live threatening if not caught early. I also had my son with me, and he was allowed to pick out a movie that they put on just for him. Thanks to these amazing people, my cat is on the road to recovery. The bill was quite reasonable, considering all they did for him. I will definitely recommend San Marco Animal Hospital to others!

  • A

    Amber R

    The staff at SAN MARCO Animal Hospital Cared for my furkid during what was a difficult and frightening time for me. I observed them to be kind and gentle with my furkid and with me. Technically their care was outstanding!! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their help and support.

  • chantal pratts

    chantal pratts

    I’m more than happy with the service .I boarding my dog for a week my dog was so happy that impressed me I use other places before I really don’t have the same experience if a go back to Jax that my vet for my dog Tank you

  • Layne Wallace

    Layne Wallace

    The people at San Marco Animal Hospital are truly amazing. The sweetest dog in the world had an emergency on a weekend. The people at SMAH were unbelievably kind and effective. The sweetest dog lived and is now also the world’s happiest dog. I’m convinced that outcome would not have happened if not for SMAH. I don’t make many recommendations but I do highly recommend SMAH.

  • Jennifer Fournier

    Jennifer Fournier

    Great Experience, very positive and helpful team! Flexible scheduling – I would highly recommend this practice.

  • F

    Florida Stealth 10u

    We have been taking our dog to San Marco Animal Hospital for the past 3 and a half years. We walk in the door and they know Rali by name. They treat her with so much care that she isn’t afraid when we walk in and she loves seeing the techs that she knows the best. A year and a half ago our house got broken into and the burglars let Rali outside. After a good samaritan brought her in they knew exactly who she was even though she didn’t have her collar on and they took such great care of her after a very traumatic experience. There’s no other animal hospital we would think about taking her to.

  • D

    Daphne Hayes

    We took our 9 year old Welsh Corgi in on a Sunday afternoon after her back tenderness became excruciating for her. Dr Gutta and staf were very responsive and treated my dog with the utmost care and concern. They got her pain relieved as well as diagnosed her problem and sent us home with meds and a thorough plan of care. Much better experience than we have had at any of the other emergency vet clinics around Jacksonville!!

  • Leslie Rodriguez

    Leslie Rodriguez

    San Marco animal hospital are great they took care of my Danki with awesome care!!!!! Love the staff

  • Dean Gordon

    Dean Gordon

    We love San Marco! We have been taking our new beagle, Peter, in since we got him. The staff is awesome, the vets great, and the office clean! Best group here in town!

  • Anna Martineau

    Anna Martineau

    They have always been super accommodating with getting us in quickly, excellent care and affordable.

  • V

    Vicki Saylor

    The people and doctors here saved my year old lab mix’s life, which in turn saved mine. I absolutely do not know what I would do without my baby, and everyone here made sure I do not have to worry about that for a very long time! I cannot thank them enough for saving my June Bug from parvo.

  • A

    Amber Pearson

    The people and doctors here saved my year old lab mix’s life, which in turn saved mine. I absolutely do not know what I would do without my baby, and everyone here made sure I do not have to worry about that for a very long time! I cannot thank them enough for saving my June Bug from parvo.

  • Tristen Cohen

    Tristen Cohen

    The staff here are very friendly and my pup LOVES the treats.

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