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Dentistry services – Why they are vital to the overall health, and wellbeing of your pet

“Doggie breath” is not a laughing matter. Not unlike the oral health of your human family members, halitosis (bad breath) and other symptoms can be signs of underlying problems that require prompt attention at San Marco Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Notably, many oral health problems that affect the ability of your dog to get the nutrition they need can be prevented with our skilled dentistry services. 

Dog Dentistry Services in Jacksonville FL Area

Threats to your pet’s health

Our veterinarians have developed a particular interest in preventing, diagnosing, managing, and treating conditions that affect the oral cavity (mouth) and associated tissues and structures. We integrate preventive dental services into your pet’s wellness routine. We use our considerable knowledge and sophisticated diagnostics to detect potential problems with your pets’ teeth, gums, jaws, and other areas early. Issues resolved early into the disease process are generally easier to treat successfully and promptly. 

We also use advanced tools and techniques to professionally clean your pup’s teeth and other areas that harbor germs. While the ultrasonic scaler and polisher are pretty gentle and precise, we perform these cleanings while your pet is under anesthesia. That supports the most comfortable and safe experience for your pup at our hospital. In our skilled hands, advanced instruments effectively remove harmful bacteria, plaque buildup, and stubborn tartar. These substances inflame the gums and erode teeth. So, this service is a great way to protect your pup from the devastating effects of gum disease and damage to the supporting bone. Dental cleanings also support fresh breath – no more doggie halitosis! 

Wellness visits present an excellent opportunity for our team to provide you with the tools to clean your dog’s teeth and mouth effectively. We provide recommendations that you can trust related to products that promote great oral care. We can also demonstrate ways to brush your pet’s teeth. 

A few things to keep in mind: 

  • For dogs, many will accept brushing. 
  • When first getting into the “habit,” begin by brushing the outer surfaces of the “cheek teeth,” located under the upper lips. 
  • If dogs are resistant to brushing, there may be sources of pain that need to be accurately detected and treated. 
  • If used consistently, some rawhide products and chewable treats can be a helpful complement to brushing and professional visits. 
  • The American Veterinary Dental College cautions against the use of hard natural bones or other tough products that can result in breakage. 

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We encourage you to get your pup into a healthy habit before problems arise that indicate the presence of existing dental disease. For instance, your pet’s teeth may no longer look that pearly white. They may appear to have a noticeable buildup of plaque. If plaque is present, gum inflammation often follows. Inflamed gums are not only redder than usual or swollen. But painful gums can also interfere with comfortable chewing, which leads to a disinterest in food and weight loss. You may also notice blood on toys or in your pup’s dog bowl, as well as drooling.

We include a dental prophylaxis package as part of our in-house standard and intensive care plans for adult dogs. Your pup is entitled to one general exam, pre-anesthesia lab work, oral exam under anesthesia, cleaning, polishing, fluoride application, and post-cleaning home care instructions each year. We also offer a free follow-up visit to see how well care is being performed at home!

 Poor oral health is also associated with damage to internal organs such as the kidneys, heart, and liver. For the long, healthy, fullest life of your pet, schedule a visit today. Call San Marco Animal Hospital on San Marco Boulevard in Jacksonville at 904-516-9767.

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