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Veterinarian in Riverside, FL area explains how to take care of a new puppy

How To Take Care Of A Puppy in the Riverside, FL area

Riverside, FL area families that have just welcomed a new puppy to their household are often excited about the journey of taking care of and loving a pet. While puppies are incredibly cute and adorable, they can also be a lot of work and need patience and training. Our veterinarian at San Marco Animal Hospital, Dr. Venkat Gutta, provides tips below on how to care for a new puppy in the family. Obtaining an experienced and trustworthy veterinarian First and foremost, pet families need to forge a bond with a veterinarian in their area that has the experience and training … Continue reading

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"I bring my own pets and my clients pets. They have always treated the animals and me with the most respect and compassion. I highly recommend them. They are great and very helpful."
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"When my 16 year old cat got cancer and died it was very hard for me. Dr. Gutta was wonderful to me, so compassionate and understanding. He even followed up with a sympathy card."
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