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What to expect during your pet’s routine check-up

Vet Check Up in Jacksonville FL Area

Just like in annual exams for humans, routine check-ups are an essential part of maintaining your pet’s overall health and wellness. While your pet’s exam components are different from what occurs during an annual exam for a person, the underlying concepts are the same. Getting routine preventive care is one of the easiest ways to stop illness before it starts. Identifying potential issues at their earliest stages can help prevent minor problems from becoming more painful and costly than necessary. At San Marco Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive preventive care for pet families in Jacksonville, Florida. Read on to learn … Continue reading

Jacksonville, Florida veterinarian, explains common kitten health issues to be aware of

Kitten Health Issues in Jacksonville FL Area

Getting a new pet is a truly momentous time for everyone in the family. It can be very unsettling for families with kittens when their precious new pet comes down with an illness, but at San Marco Animal Hospital, we are here to help keep your furry friend healthy and help them recover if they come down with an illness. Below, Dr. Venkat Gutta, a veterinarian in Jacksonville, Florida, explains common kitten health issues that you should be aware of and what to do if your kitten is exhibiting signs of illness. Common kitten health problems Some of the most common kitten health problems … Continue reading

Midwestern Pet Foods recall due to salmonella risk

Pet Food Recall at San Marco Animal Hospital in Jacksonville FL Area

Midwestern Pet Foods has issued a voluntary recall of certain types of dog and cat foods that were produced at its production facility in Monmouth, IL. The pet food has been recalled because of potential contamination with Salmonella, a type of toxic bacteria. At San Marco Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, we are here to answer any questions you may have about the pet food recall and how Salmonella may affect your pet. What specific types of pet food were recalled? The Midwestern Pet Foods recall list includes the following brands: CanineX Meridian Earthborn Holistic Venture Sportmix Sportmix Wholesomes Sportstrail Unrefined Pro Pac Pro Pac Ultimates Detailed information … Continue reading

Fourth Of July Celebration and Dogs

Scared dog hiding under the bed, San Marco

As the Fourth of July approaches, many people love to celebrate with fireworks. Though this is an exciting time of year for us, our furry family members might not think the same thing. Our dog’s safety around fireworks is just as important as our own. What Happens To Dogs During Fireworks? As you may have heard, more dogs end up in shelters during and after the 4th of July because they tend to get scared and bolt out of their homes. Just like loud noises scare people, the loud noise and bright lights that fireworks make cause dogs to get … Continue reading

US FDA Grain-Free Diet Study is showing an increased risk for heart conditions in our pets.

Your Jacksonville, FL Area, Veterinarians Discuss the US FDA Grain-free Diet Study; What It May Mean for Your Pet

Nutritional counseling is a cornerstone of our animal hospital. In fact, many of our veterinarians, including Dr. Gutta, have taken special interest with focused knowledge and training in the field of nutrition. There is no denying the role that dietary interventions can play in improving the overall health of our pets and even in treating a range of diseases. We are privileged to serve as a credible resource in Jacksonville, FL, to dispel fact from fiction when it comes to the latest research on animal nutrition. Notably, in 2018, the US FDA issued an alert related to findings from its grain-free diet study. Understandably, this … Continue reading

Squash the itch: Dog skin rash treatment starts with exceptional diagnostics at our Jacksonville, FL office

Dog Skin Rash Treatment Starts with Exceptional Diagnostics at Our Jacksonville, FL Area Office

Our veterinarians at San Marco Animal Hospital are passionate about preventing and managing your pup’s skin conditions. So, you’ve come to the right place for effective dog skin rash treatment in Jacksonville, FL. Dr. Sri’s professional interests include dermatology. Likewise, Dr. Gutta has developed a special interest in skin issues, with focused knowledge and a passion for two areas that are often related to skin issues, such as rashes: nutrition and wellness exams. Dermatitis refers to a rash. Some of the most common forms of dermatitis include atopic dermatitis (eczema) and contact or allergic dermatitis. Environmental antigens such as pollens, … Continue reading

New AAHA and AAFP Feline Vaccination Guidelines in Jacksonville, FL, Focus on Your Cat’s Unique Lifestyle

New AAHA and AAFP Feline Vaccination Guidelines in Jacksonville, FL Area, Focus on Your Cat’s Unique Lifestyle

Immunization is a critical part of caring for your cat, and vaccinations are the best way to protect your pet against common viral and bacterial infections. Some vaccines, such as rabies vaccination, are required in Jacksonville by law, while others will help guarantee your pet lives a long and healthy life. In 2020, the AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) and AAFP (Association of Feline Practitioners) released a new set of guidelines for feline vaccination in Jacksonville, FL. These new guidelines emphasize the importance of tailoring your cat’s healthcare plan to their unique risk factors. Plainly, because every cat is different, … Continue reading

Updates on COVID-19 and pet care from Jacksonville, FL veterinarian

Updates of Covid-19 and Pet Care at San Marco Animal Hospital in Jacksonville FL Area

The current global pandemic has turned all of our lives upside down. As a pet owner, you may be wondering what you need to know about COVID-19 in relation to your pets: what to do to prepare in case you get COVID-19 and who to ask if you have questions? At San Marco Animal Hospital, we care about not just the health of your pets, but the health of you and your family as well. Read on for updates on COVID-19 and your pets. Being prepared One of the best things you can do to protect your pet during the … Continue reading

Vet open on weekends in Jacksonville, FL

Vet Open on Weekends at San Marco Animal Hospital in Jacksonville FL Area

At San Marco Animal Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, we are committed to providing the best possible care for the four-legged members of your family. Part of caring for your pets is ensuring that we are available 7 days a week to serve your family’s pet care needs, including flexible weekend hours that accommodate a busy schedule. While many veterinary offices maintain standard weekday business hours, we know those week day hours don’t always work for a busy schedule. Our vet hospital is open on weekends so we can take care of your pet when it is convenient for you, or … Continue reading

Visit San Marco Animal Hospital for comprehensive veterinary care in Jacksonville, FL

Veterinary Care Jacksonville FL area

At San Marco Animal Hospital, our entire team is devoted to providing quality veterinary care for all aspects of your pet’s health. From routine preventative care, to taking care of your pet when they are ill, you can trust that your pet is in the very best hands. We also offer emergency pet care, open seven days a week with no hidden emergency fees. Below, we’ll outline a full list of our veterinary care services available in Jacksonville, FL. Preventative Care Humans are supposed to go to the doctor every year for a well visit. The same goes for our … Continue reading

Meet San Marco Animal Hospital

Dr. Venkat Gutta
San Marco Animal Hospital

Dr. Venkat Gutta moved to the US almost two decades ago to further his passion for veterinary science. Having earned a Master’s Degree in Animal Science in Georgia and having completed the North American Veterinary Licensing Exam, he completed clinical rotations at the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Gutta then received his license to practice in Florida. For over a decade, he served as an associate veterinarian at the Banfield Pet Hospital. He benefitted from a great amount of exposure and experience, especially in high-quality veterinary medicine and surgeries for soft tissue injuries. To date, Dr. Gutta strives to be approachable to his clients and ensure that they have complete awareness and understanding of the health issues that are faced by their furry friends. His special interests lie in skin issues, behavioral problems, senior pet wellness, nutritional counseling, preventive care, and wellness examinations, particularly relevant to canine and feline medicine. Today Dr. Gutta continues to keep himself updated about modern advances in veterinary science through his memberships in the Jacksonville Veterinary Medical Society and American Veterinary Medical Association.

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Wonderful and very caring service. This hospital rate's are extremely fair and reasonable, they only perform the necessary testing needed unlike other vet places I have been to. I was very impressed with the knowledge and skills of the doctor. I finally found my new vet here in Florida! Lila and Gomez thank you!
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I took my cat to San Marco Animal Hospital and would highly recommend them. Dr. Gutta spent quite a bit of time talking to me about my cat’s health and preventative care. The staff was friendly and even called to check on my cat after his vaccines. Excellent service, and caring providers!
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