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Nearby veterinarian in Springfield, FL area offers emergency vet care

Veterinarian in Springfield, FL area offers emergency vet care

At San Marco Animal Hospital, Dr. Venkat Gutta and the team provide pet patients the solutions they need to feel their best. Pet parents in and around the Jacksonville and Springfield, FL areas who are interested in seeking nearby care for their dog or cat are welcome to seek comprehensive solutions for their furry friends in our facility. Veterinarian care is not only for routine evaluations and immunizations, but also for emergency vet care.   What is a vet care emergency? An emergency is a situation that arises with your pet in which they require immediate attention. Some common occurrences … Continue reading

Jacksonville area families ask, “what is an emergency veterinarian?”

Dr. Gutta Venkat at San Marco Animal Hospital explains what an emergency veterinarian is.

Most pet owners like to believe that visits to their veterinarian will always be scheduled days or weeks in advance. However, many are faced with an emergency during their pet’s life. When this happens it’s important to know who to call and what to do to protect the health of your cat or dog. What is an emergency veterinarian? When you have pet emergency, you want to be seen by a trained vet who knows your pet and who you trust. Ideally, this will be the same professional who sees your cat or dog for regular checkups and wellness visits. … Continue reading

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"I bring my own pets and my clients pets. They have always treated the animals and me with the most respect and compassion. I highly recommend them. They are great and very helpful."
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"When my 16 year old cat got cancer and died it was very hard for me. Dr. Gutta was wonderful to me, so compassionate and understanding. He even followed up with a sympathy card."
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