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At San Marco Animal Hospital, our veterinarian, Dr. Gutta, is here to help pet patients near Springfield, FL 32206 who need comprehensive care. Our practice is designed to assist dogs and cats of all ages. From vaccinating a puppy to providing end of life care for a senior cat, our team is here for your pet through all stages of life. We have a wide range of services available to assist families in giving their pet the best possible care and offer treatments that can extend a pet’s life and ensure they have quality time with their owners.

What services are available at our practice?

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Pet parents in the Springfield, FL area and surrounding communities are encouraged to bring their four-legged family members into our practice for care. Some of the services we provide in our office include:

  • Emergency and Critical Care – we understand many problems can occur and become an unexpected situation. Our practice is open and available for emergency care of dogs and cats, and we are here for you when you need us most!
  • Spaying and Neutering – controlling the pet population is important to our team. We provide affordable and safe spaying and neutering for your pet to ensure you won’t be dealing with a litter of puppies or kittens unexpectedly! Spaying or neutering is part of being a responsible pet owner.
  • Wellness Plans – some pets may have certain medical needs in which they need appropriate care for life. Our veterinarian can suggest appropriate wellness plans for pets, ensuring they get the treatments they need, when they need them, to improve their quality of life. We also encourage pet parents to bring their pets in on a yearly basis for an annual checkup and screening, as well as routine vaccinations, which may be required for licensing your pet.
  • Teeth Cleaning – cats and dogs need to have a healthy mouth too! Periodontal disease in pets can contribute to tooth loss. Our team can educate clients on how to keep their pet’s teeth and gums healthy at home, while also offering professional teeth cleaning services right in our facility.
  • End of Life Care and Euthanasia – there comes a time when your pet will reach the end of their life. They may be dealing with a medical condition with a terminal outlook. Our compassionate team of professionals can work with pet parents to provide end of life care or euthanasia for dogs and cats.
  • Microchipping – even indoor pets can escape, which is why it is so important for responsible pet owners to have their pet microchipped. Microchipping allows a veterinarian or pet shelter to scan a pet to determine its home location. Microchipping can give pet owners peace of mind, knowing that their pet’s home can be located quickly and easily.

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  • In-House Diagnostics for Pets – our practice is equipped with some of the latest technologies to provide amazing diagnostic abilities. We invest in our practice to ensure we have diagnostic tools to get pet parents the answers they need regarding their pet’s health without having to refer to other specialists.
  • Puppy and Kitten Care – do you have a new puppy or kitten? It is important to get these young pets into the veterinarian’s office for necessary vaccinations and for a wellness screening. If not already performed, our team may also educate pet parents on the importance of spaying and neutering when pets are younger.
  • Vaccinations – many conditions that can impact dogs and cats are preventable with proper vaccinations. At our facility, we can educate pet parents on the vaccinations needed to keep their pets healthy.

Ready to work with a team of professionals to improve your pet’s health and wellness?

Contact Dr. Venkat Gutta, veterinarian at San Marco Animal Hospital, to get your pet the best care possible in the area of Springfield, FL 32206. Our professionals are here to help with your four-legged friend at 1546 San Marco Boulevard and can be reached for an appointment at 904-516-9767 . We welcome new pet patients all the time and provide excellent care for your furry family members!

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